Monday, March 10, 2014

Wood & Steel Cafe/Gallery

I'm going to blog a super short & sweet food post today :)
Visited a new cafe in Kota Damansara last Tuesday, everyone writes a good review about it/ recommends the cafe, so I decided to give it a try. Yeshh, it is Wood & Steel Cafe/Gallery!!
FYI, it doesn't just sell food and coffee, but furniture as well. The furniture even comes with price tags, how uniqueee huh!

The cafe is located right opposite Encorp Strand mall. It is not hard to find thou.
When I first entered the cafe, the furniture & decoration kinda impressed me. Look at thisss, two small benches and a tiny table attached to the wall!
Ohh, I love the cosy environment as well :)))

Ordered a cup of flat white and some food.
And we were given a number and later, they will deliver the food to our table :)) #coffeeaddict

We ordered too muchhhhh, were so full that day.
From top left: Stuffed Chicken, Flat white, Champion Breakfast & garlic breadsss!
I personally love the Stuffed Chicken & garlic breads the most, yumsss!

One moree dishh.
Yea they are basically egg benedicts but they named it 'Breakfast in bed' lol

It is a great place to chill with friends, I will definitely come back again!!
I'm a cafe lover you know! HAHAHA

Goodnight readers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HK & Macau: Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars

Finally decided to blog about my trip to HK & Macau on last year's December (sorry, an overdue post again). I wonder why I am so demotivated to blog nowadays :(

Anyway, it was my first time visiting HK & Macau, definitely an eye-opening experience to me. I personally love their weather, food but their attitudes... hmm you know what I meant don't you? Sorry to any HK readers, I don't mean to offend you.

#1 #ootd!
We took a midnight flight to Macau to save the travelling and sleeping time, but everyone was so worn out and mum even had a headache that day. Wrong wrong decision to take a midnight flight because nobody could sleep well on plane :(

And when we got down the plane, HOMGG! The weather was colder than I expected and I only wore a very thin layer of leggings! *shiverss* We then asked around and finally got ourselves the turbo jet tickets to HK lol. Was supposed to stay and stroll around in Macau first but we changed our plan last minute =.= #allplansruined

#2 Finally checked in to the hotel rooms (we stayed in Nathan Hotel) at about 4pm, and here is a view from our hotel rooms! :)

#3 Went for some light dinner after a good rest, this restaurant is located at Jordan Road btw and this dish of roasted goose was so delicious! Yumsss

#4 Well, I know these dishes did not look appealing but trust me, they taste like heavennnn, especially the wanton noodles!

#5 Then strolled around the streets and took some awesome pictures :)

#6 Decided to visit Avenue of Stars & Victoria Harbour right after dinner.
Believe or not, we actually walked there from Jordan road. But it was fun though!
Below is a random street in Tsim Sha Tsui..

#7 There are lots of pretty X'mas decorations around, especially in the malls and along the streets.
This was one of the prettiest decorations, from Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel!

#8 And you know what is the best thing walking along the streets?
Yeshhh, we had the chances to try all the street food.
This is one of yummiest and smoothest ice-creams I have ever tried, Mobile Softee Ice-cream!
And it is the best to have ice-creams in cold weathers like this.

#9 Finally arrived our destination.
Here is a magnificent view of Victoria Harbour, impressively beautiful isn't it?
Taken by DSLR Nikon D5200.

#10 A picture of yours truly with the beautiful view, I kinda miss HK right now :(

#11 Visited Avenue of Stars as well. 
Shouldn't have visited Avenue of Stars at night.
All the pictures turned out to be either too dark or blurrrr :(

#12 Taken by my sister while waiting for the spectacular display of Symphony of Lights :) 
She is now my personal photographer lol 

#13 Another one, this time the camera didn't focus on my faceee =.=

#14 Symphony of Lights lasted for about 15 mins I guess, and it was soo comfortable to enjoy the magnificent view of VH in the cold weather.

#15 Then we wanted to have some light suppers after that.
Headed to the nearest 7-11 to grab some food for supper. Grab all the MILKSSS! HAHAHAH

That pretty much sums up my first day in HK.
Next, I'll be blogging about Ocean Park HK, stay tuned guysss!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Today is the last day of 2013 already.
Time flies isn't it? Another year has passed in just a blink of eye.

I have been through lots of ups and downs in 2013; I went through happy, sad, and helpless moments.
No doubt, I have definitely become more matured and know how to solve problems better.
Problems help us to grow stronger don't they?

For the happy moments, I was glad I didn't let my parents down by scoring good grades in my degree. And millions thanks to them who always support me mentally, physically and financially. I KNOW I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!

I also planned another trip with my besties this year. We visited the local places and overall, it was fun, I should say everything is fun with them around :) Happy that we become closer to each other after this trip. Next trip, maybe Bangkok or Taiwan? HEHEHEH

Okay another one, is I finally reduced my weight from 50kgs to 45kgs! This is one of my biggest achievements this year because I reduced my weights in a healthy way, by eating clean and exercising every single day. YEYYY to my motivationsss! But now, weights went down to 42kgs which I think is very abnormal and I must make sure I gain back to 45kgs by mid 2014 *determined*

While for sad and helpless moments, I should just keep them with me I guess, I don't wanna make you guys sad and helpless like me :( I believe, everything happens for a reason, perhaps God wants to make me a stronger person *think positively* Sad and helpless moments are all past tense, Im now all good and living my life to the fullest! Im looking forward to 2014 nowww.

Okay, here comes the time to make resolutions for 2014:

1) Count your blessings daily
I read a famous book, named Magic, which says gratitude can actually make you a better person. Learn to be grateful for everything in the world and magic will definitely happen around you. So stop complaining and thinking negatively. Try it guys!

It is not easy to do it, but it is one of the top priorities I must do this year. As mentioned above, I wanna gain 3 more kgs to maintain at 45kgs, I must gain more muscles and eat cleaner this year, hopefully motivations are with me all the timee *finger crossed*

3) Pick up reading habit 
I want to pick up reading again. I need to spend more time on books and cut down on shoppingg. This is another good way of saving money isn't it? :)

4) Save, save and SAVEEEE
I'm not really a person who can save money. Yea, you can call me a spendthrift. So in 2014, Im gonna set a target to achieve. I must definitely cut down on shopping in 2014. LOL

5) Control my tempers
I'm a pretty bad-tempered person. I get fed up and angry easily :( So in 2014, I hope to control my tempers better and be more patient in handling problems. I know I can do it!

Hmm, that's all I could think of now. Will add more to the list when I think of any.
Happy new year guys, have a great 2014 ahead!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Im Officially Graduated 16/11/2013

Hi readers. Finally back to blogging again after 2 months. 
Sooo sorry for the hiatus, I just finished my finals last week, and I'm so glad it's all over nowww. Pfft!

Gonna blog about my graduation which happened during mid November. 
Officially ended my degree life after 3 years of studies, and I had been through all the ups and downs with my buddies and I'm so happy they came into my life, taught me lessons, and became my close friends & etc. 

And now we go our separate ways, but I believe we will definitely meet again someday. Yeshh, we will!

So, we were supposed to reach university by 1pm to collect our robes and to register ourselves. And I reached quite early actually to meet my friendss and to take lotsss of picturess LOL. 

Pictures first after getting ready. 
Ohh, and credits to my sister for all the pictures below. Yeshh, she was my photographer & assistant that day LOL thankiuu! 

OMG I looked like shittttt :( 

My close bunch of friends during my uni life :') 
Thanks for giving me all those great memoriess :) 

Another picture of myself, I lovee this onee! :)

With dad & mum, I'm so blessed to have parents who give me all the supports that I need.
Millions thanksss to them!

Went around the campus to take nice photoss, but do you know how hurtful and hot is it to walk around with heels under the scorching hot sun??
But nvmd, we GIRLS need to look good during graduation!

Another favourite as well <3 #potd

Picture with my sistersss :)
Thanks for coming haha, next graduation will be my sister's SOON!

Picture with one of the prettiest girls in UWE, Jessalyn!
She looks soo sweet, doesn't she!

A family portrait after the graduation ceremony.
So glad I didn't trip and fall while walking down the stairs LOL

Last picture with another 2 good friends, Lian Xiang & May.
Missed the time where we could just sat down and gossiped together. We could chat abouttt anythinggg on earth.

Didn't manage to take pictures with all my friends; everyone was so busy and we hardly met each other on that day as well :( Nvmd, we will definitely meet again soon.

Goodnight xoxo

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Langkawi: Pool Day & Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant

Hi people, how was your October so far? Mine wasn't that great though cause I had tests days ago! SIGH STRESS MAX!
And I know my blog is quite dead lol, so I promised myself I MUST blog today. MUSTTT!

This is gonna be an overdue post about my local trip with my girlfriends a month ago lol.  
We planned this trip on April, we wanted to travel to Krabi or Bangkok intially, but some of them couldn't make it. So, we made it a local trip instead :) Travel locally can be quite enjoyable too. At least there are no currency conversions needed and no jet lags LOL. *self-comforting*

Overall, our trip to Penang & Langkawi was rather a fun one! I enjoyed myself so much!
Here are some of the pictures,enjoyyy: 

With mua girlsss before boarding! 

Finally reached Langkawi. That view is to die for isn't?

Oh btw, we stayed in Aseania Resort which is only a few kilometers away from Pantai Cenang. It is a fairly good resort I shall say and I love the swimming pool, scroll down for more information aight!

After checked in, we headed straight to the swimming pool. A picture with my bestest bestie before pool session!

The pool view.

They even have the slides OMG. And believe it or not, it is listed in Malaysia Book of Records as the longest swimming pool in Malaysia. They have wave pool, mushroom pool, waterfall, Jacuzzi, sundeck, lazy river, adult and children slides. Sooo awesome!

My awkward pose lol

Hee Ching, Xin Hui & yours truly! Warming up before entering the pool HAHA

And one of my favourite group pictures <3

And finally we entered the pool. We had so much fun trying all the pools mentioned above! But the slide is a little too scary though. It is so slippery and I couldn't control the speed of me sliding down :( Went straight into the water without any mental preparation =.=

After our pool session, we went out for late dinner. Guess what we had for dinner? YESHHH SEAFOOD!
Never ever miss seafood whenever you come to Langkawi cause their seafood is quite cheap.

We googled some seafood restaurants and decided to try Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant cause it received a lot of good reviews!

Jeng jeng jenggg
The famous Noodles on Fireee! Can you see that flame? O.O

It looked normal wasn't? But trust me, it tasted really good!

Sotong don't-know-what LOL

This was just okay, in my opinion, nothing special.

Mantis prawns! 

And butterrr prawnss! 

It was a pretty satisfying meal. And that pretty much summed up our first night in Langkawi! Imma end this post with another group picture- our satisfying faces after the scrumptious seafood dinner.

Next post: Pantai Cenang will be coming up soon.
Stay tuneddd!